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Moving to or from the Pilbara?

5 Great Reasons to Call WA Statewide Furniture Removals

  • WA Statewide Furniture Removals are the leaders in full relocations to or from any regional Pilbara town.
  • Our moves are direct services, with two men on the truck at both points.
  • Fortnightly departures from Perth – Truck departs Mondays.
  • Better value pricing.
  • Fast Quotes using our Request a Quote Form.
  • Store & Shop collections are usually picked up on Tuesdays fortnightly.

We also provide many other removalist and backloading services:

  • Furniture shop deliveries – Buy furniture in Perth and we can pick it up and deliver it.

  • Bunnings deliveries – Got a project on? Get your order into the Malaga Store and we will collect it.

  • General freight services – General and bulk.  Message us for details.

  • Motor bike and small car transport – Safely transported with care.

  •  Individual furniture pieces transport – We can receive or collect any request.

  •  Part or small moves – Dont own alot of furniture? No worries, we can still help.

  • Full House Relocations – With a capacity of 67m3, we can move most homes in 1 move.

  • Commercial furniture deliveries – shop and office fittings, hardware and equipment.

  • Storage – Short & long term solutions including transit holdings


We have a large warehouse and can receive any furniture & freight orders on your behalf. 

Complete the quote request form on this page to be sent a simple inventory checklist link and a quote on your move.

Please note, crew staff are double jabbed and have covid certificates for your peace of mind.

All estimates are subject to change if your volume exceeds what was quoted.

Next NorthWest runs are:


17th Jan     Full both ways

31st Jan   Full both ways

14th Feb   Open for loads

28th Feb Open for loads up, backloads full

Get Your Northwest Moving Quote

Please note: NW truck departs Perth every fortnight on Monday mornings. Deliveries of furniture & freight backloads are done on Monday mornings following the trip.
Our staff do not work weekends. ( They need family time also )
We prefer sms messages with your enquiry or;
Complete your details below to get emailed a simple inventory checklist link that will enable us to accurately quote your move.

    Yes!, Please contact me with a quote for our move or to ask for any further details that will help get me the best value quote. We strive to be the best value. Give us a try.

    Questions? Phone Ty Fraser on 0412 207 162