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We do not mind this on local moves; however, there are a few things to consider. If the draws do not have a solid base, the weight in them can be detrimental to the draws during transit. Also consider the removalist who has to share carrying this item to the truck. Leaving stuff packed inside can increase the weight the removalist has to carry, Light weight stuff we do not mind, but generally, it will be best to have it completely emptied prior to removal.

On a local move, we don’t mind if some food is left in the freezer compartment. If your move is considerably longer in distance, its best to seek some eskies to pack your food. We do prefer the fridge to be completely empty as this will make it lighter for the removalist to manoeuvre and prevent any spills and or damages happening inside.

We simply ask that you remove the glass plate inside or carefully pack it inside the microwave. Failure to do so may cause the glass plate to break in transit. If unsure, please ask the removalist on the day and he will know what to do.

While we do prefer that tv’s including plasmas and LCD’s are packaged all is not to despair if it isn’t. We have moved many tv’s over the years, incident free. A manufacturer packages their tv’s so well that during shipping, there is no possibility of damages occurring. We can replicate this safely here at WASWFR by carefully wrapping the tv in furniture wraps and placing a foam protector matt against the wall and then securely roping it to the wall where it has no chance to move around.

As long as we know in advance that there is a large amount of pot plants to be moved then we can always come up with a plan that will suit your needs. We can call in a friend with a van or Ute to assist us at the last minute to relocate all your pot plants. If there is room at the end of the truck, yes, we will gladly relocate some for you. Unfortunately, pot plants are not stackable and therefore take up a lot more room in the truck.

This is a common happening in removals and though it is rare, it does happen. We don’t get upset, we are here to assist you. Once you can arrange storage the removalist will unload the truck instantly on arrival at a storage facility. The charges are hourly and there will be a new charge to collect your contents from storage when your settlement is finalized.

Our team will disassemble and reassemble beds for you. However, the disassembly and reassembly of swing sets and trampolines will incur further chargers. Please notify our team upon booking if your require specialty items disassembled and reassembled.

WASWFR has Full Carriers Liability Insurance. This cover is for a major situation that may occur in transit such as fire, flood, collision and overturning of vehicle. Although the greatest care for your furniture is always taken at WASWFR, accidents may occur and it is sensible to take out your own insurance for extra cover

No we don’t however, full transit insurance can be sought from CARTS REMOVALS INSURANCE.

Yes, we do relocate pool tables and pianos. These items are classed as a specialty item and are normally charged at a set price depending on size and location.

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